Bubble tea in a bottle..

Boba eliquid-01

If you have been hiding under a cultural rock, or never set foot outside your lounge room, then you might not have heard of Bubble Tea, or Boba Juice.

However if you are a bit of a traveller or have ventured into the Asian side of our great cultural melting pot, then sure as day follows night you would have come across these great tasting refreshing cold milk teas!

At HOV we are all about cultural exchange, and our Asian mates have been going without way too long, so we decided its time to man up and get some great Boba e-liquid goodness happening.

Boba Juice is a sweet milky tea often infused with fruit flavours and with tapioca pearls in the bottom to give it a silky starchy goodness. Invented in Taiwan in the 1980’s it has spread like wild fire thru Asia and has pretty much become the national drink of Taiwan and Hong Kong in particular. If you travel to either of these countries Boba Bars and stalls are prevalent on streets and you literally cant escape them!

Luckily we were fortunate enough to team up with the great folks at Boba Vapor e-liquids and YOU are fortunate enough in that we have two of their new products we can offer you!

Boba Vapor comes screaming out of Las Vegas from our good mates at Horizon Vape (creators of the D Squared and Crushing E-liquid Brands)

Horizon Vapes Director of Ops Paul Boucher was a huge fan of Boba teas and realised nowhere could you get a “real” Taro Milk Tea Vape…. The Job was on! And Dillon Dygert (the soon to be creator of Boba Vapors) was the man for the job.

A 5 year vape veteran, Dillon grabbed the bull by the horns (or cow by the milky teat?…) and after a year of development these two flavours are ready to blow your vaping mind!

Now you certainly don’t have to be Asian to appreciate these little rippers.

If you come from the wrong side of the tracks at Woolloomooloo, Back O’ Bourke, or even Dunnydoo you are going to fall in love with these milky beauties!

We don’t know how they do it, but they have pretty much nailed the experience in a cloud of vape!

In fact if you are a real Boba tea lover you might be forgiven for wishing they put a few tapioca pearls in a baggy to chew on after you inhale … its that damn close !

If you have never tried a real glass of Boba tea, don’t panic, because we reckon if you are a fan of milky tea or cereal dessert e-liquids you are going to have your socks blown off by these vapes. Which is only fair, cos you are gonna want to be barefoot anyway to complete the relax that only a true Boba can give you!

Each of these great tea based vapes are 70VG/30PG and come in a 30ml glass dropper bottle in a cardboard outer.