Best RTA 2016 winner?

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2015 was the year of the tanked atomiser, and basically the king of them all turned out to be the Aromamizer.

Voted as the best RTA of 2015 by Ecigclick awards was the big feather in its cap. It beat out such notable tanks as the Goblin, Crius, Billow V2, KayfunV4, Kanger Subtank, Smok TFV4 and even the Squape… All of those tanks are awesome and to be voted top of the “tops” is something special indeed.

Right from the inception the Aromamizer project set out to get the closest to RDA experience with an RDTA that they could. That’s not an easy ask and “Dedicated Dripper Fiends” are very hard to impress. However with clever engineering and a dedicated team behind it the Aromamizer managed to win quite a few hearts and indeed brought the gap between RDA’s and RDTA’s in terms of flavour, much, much, closer.

So we are now into 2016, and as we all know, standing still is just something that doesn’t happen much in the vape world. So where does that put SteamCrave, the makers of the Aromamizer?

Well the smart money is on the fact they will stick pretty much to what has worked for them, but make a few tweaks and address any “issues” that might have arisen.

SO bearing that in mind, Steam Crave Have indeed proved they are smart.

The line up for early 2016 shows us they are building on what’s right rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel.

The Aromamizer V2 RDTA continues the legacy of the original, but ditches the dicky rubber Air Control ring and replaces it with a metal AFC which still gives you the 2 or 4 hole option. The deck has had a tweaking to ensure the airholes line up perfectly with the coil build area, an issue on some of the early V1’s, and the top has been modified to make an easier top fill option, as well as losing the anti-spitback driptip, as this was felt to be holding that last bit of flavour chasing back. The V2 RDTA also has the four hole velocity style deck as standard now as opposed to optional!

You also continue to get a choice of 3ml or 6ml set-ups depending on how much juice you vape. Same great chamber, same cool airflow design, just bigger holding capacity.

So it’s not huge changes, but ones intended to make it even more awesome than itself!

SteamCrave have also upped the Ante with an all-new beastie however… The Supreme! Bigger, Badder, Bester! Yep the Aromamizer has grown into a 25mm diameter Supreme beast. With a huge build deck of 16.5 mm and “big boy” Velocity posts, it’s just begging to have some killer builds. You also get an increase to 7ml Juice capacity. The AFC on the Supreme is a multi-stage stepped slot arrangement so you can dial in your preferred airflow easily. The juice feeding holes have been upped to 2.5mm diameter too, to increase wicking and make it suitable for thicker juices, even straight VG.

2015 was huge for the Aromamizer family, and 2016, thanks to some well thought out modifications and the inspired Supreme introduction it looks like 2016 is off to a bloody good start!