All in one.. Sub-Ohmers included!

Aspire Plato Kit

One of the crappy things about vaping is the amount of stuff we “need” to get the vape that works for us, but at the very minimum you need a mod with your choice of tank, and a supply of liquid to last you all day if you are out and about…

Now that kinda sounds simple doesn’t it, but most tube or box mods do what they do , and they do it with the atomiser out and exposed to damage if your boofhead labrador sweeps it off the coffee table with its tail, or if you knock it with yer elbow at the pub, or accidentally bump the table at the Coffee Shack. Suddenly your day just isn’t as much fun and you could be left high and dry without a vape to get you through.

Early on a few modders made concepts where the atty or tank was incorporated inside of the box, and this was developed commercially to great success by the BilletBox people and Joyetech with its eGrip.

Both great devices, but still a little limited and not the vape for everyone.

So anyway Aspire has decided to have a crack with its first All-in-One Mod … The Plato!

Is it different? Why yes Johnny, Yes Mary, ….Yes it is!

The Plato is unique in that it has been devised to cater to both Mouth to Lung Vapers AND the Subbers!

By cleverly using a built in e-liquid chamber that takes the included adaptor, the Plato can be set up to run on Aspire Nautilus coils or just as easily run the specialised 0.4 ohm Clapton coils. You get up to 50W of oomph, it takes a standard swappable HD 18650 cell, and gives you Temp Control to boot!

Its biggest plus over everything else in the market is that the Inner Pyrex Glass atomiser chamber is completely removable, cleanable, and in case of the worst, replaceable!

That might not sound impressive, but if you have had a leaky eGrip or even worse one with a broken juice reservoir, then it’s landfill!

Aspire have ensured this mod is firmware upgradeable too, and although not confirmed yet I am sure a RBA base will be not far away… Aspire would be silly not to, because then this great pocket mod would suit every vaper on the planet!

The kit even includes an Aspire 2500mAh 20/40A ICR battery to make sure you have a great cell capable of exploiting the full potential of the kit.

The Pyrex chamber holds a goodly 4.6 ml of e-liquid so even when equipped with the sub-ohm coils you will get a decent time between refills. When it’s time to refill it couldn’t be simpler… just slip off the outer cover, flip the bung out of the top of the fill chamber and squirt away! Job Done!

They have even incorporated a separate drain bung to the bottom as well so changing out liquid for coil changes or new flavours is simple as.

Airflow control is uber simple and friendly too with a twist plate fitted to the bottom with an easy grip bar across the diameter. Just twist to open or close or anywhere in between. Coil changes are the same concept, except you use a key in the slot at the top (under the drip tip) and this undoes the whole coil and chimney assembly so you can withdraw it easily from the tank and do your thing!

We love it here at HOV when we can see that someone has put some effort into sorting out an idea and making it truly functional and not half arsed… We reckon Aspire is right on the money with this one, and its definitely on the money for a newer vaper as it will grow to suit their evolving vaping style. Older vapers will know what they want and should be able to see that the Plato pretty much ticks all the boxes the others have missed.