Kanger Dripbox

“A Squonk! , a Squonk, My Kingdom for a Squonk!” *

*Stolen directly from William Shakespeare’s classic Vaper play “Richard the Third (a Vapers tale!)”

Well it would have been if Shakespeare was around today, because good ol’ Will was a pretty progressive fella and he woulda been a vaper for sure!

Now Squonk you say? WTF is a Squonk ?

Despite first appearance’s it’s not some random character from a Dr Seuss kiddies book. Instead it refers to the art of vaping with a Bottom Feeder Mod. The term “Squonking” was coined by the unique noise made when juice is squirted up thru the bottom connector into the atty to wet the wicks and the excess is syphoned back making a … you guessed it… “squonk!” sound!!!

Thus Bottom feeder mods which inject liquid into the atomiser from a remote bottle (usually under the atty) are affectionately known as Squonkers.

Once the realm of the hard to source modding community, it appears that major manufacturers are finally cottoning onto the awesomeness that is squonking.

Its a very hard vape to describe, the closest to come to it is a quality dripper, which most Squonk atties are, but you don’t need to carry around your bottle of juice and fiddle to get it into the atty. It’s all taken care of by the Squonker. One easy squeeze of the bottle and it injects eliquid into the atty. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once mastered Squonking is a way of life to many vapers. Once you squonk there is a chance you will be hooked.

Previously Squonkers were, as alluded to, the domain of the die hard vaping afficionado, and were made by individual craftsman and often came with a huge price tag to match!

Kanger has shown a bit of nous with its new DripBox (yesssss sigh, once again the Chinese give something a funny name, by god love them, they try!)

They have taken the bare essence of a mechanical bottom feeder mod, but made it safer by incorporating a current limiting circuit/mosfet into it so the device will feed in a maximum of 60W. The Wattage/voltage is non-adjustable so in use it performs like a mechanical bottom feeder but has protection and will drive coils from 0.2ohm up. Interestingly the Dripbox atomiser has a removable deck coil unit. At first glance it looks like a standard two post bottom feeder deck, but in a twist, the user can replace the whole coil assembly (deck and all) with pre-built inserts that come already coiled and wicked! So it appears you can either make your own coils to suit your taste or just rely on the standard configuration and unscrew and toss if rebuilding is not your thing. A bit wasteful perhaps, but for newcomers it makes sense. Air control is by twisting the Delrin chuff cap to alter the size of the air flow ports.

This is NOT a luxury billion dollar Bottom Feeder mod, but then again it isn’t trying to be. What it is, is a simple way to get into bottom feeding and experience a whole new way of vaping that some purists say is the nicest way to do it!

Value for money is what it is all about here, and what you get for a very small price is a true bottom feeder mod but with electronic safety and monitoring. You don’t get a way to vary the power (unless you build you own coils) but again this isn’t what the Dripbox is about.. It’s a basic no frills mod that does what it promises with a few unique twists such as the bottle arrangement and the nifty screw out deck coil swap feature. It takes a single 18650 battery and the battery cap also features an adjustment capability so you can fit different batteries in snugly, the bar on the battery cap turns to adjust an inner pole to suit the battery… quite cool.

It also has a micro USB port for charging , 5 click on/off, and the fire button is backlighted when firing or turning on or off. The DripBox comes with a spares kit that includes a spare juice bottle, another pre-built deck and spare pre-wound coils and cotton.

I like it !

(And it comes in the standard Kanger colours or Red White and Black too!)