Swiss brilliance once again..

SQuape X[dream]

OK we all love vapemail don’t we?

Of course we do!… It seems like there is always the “next big thing” coming out on YouTube, being pushed by 1001 crazy reviewers and lets face it 99% of those next big things are designed to have a limited appeal and service life.

But there is a different face to vaping as well, one you don’t see as much of… The realm of the higher end modder. Guys who pour their heart and soul into something and build it out of the finest materials, with tolerances that give their work a timeless quality.

One of these guys hails from Switzerland and his company is known as Stattqualm.

When you think of high quality engineering, since even before the industrial revolution, the Swiss have led the pack. Renowned for their exceptional standards and commitment to quality and function, they have no rival.

Stattqualm are the inventor and manufacturer of the highly regarded Squape atomisers.

These guys aren’t trying to sell you a new atty every three months, and banking on you to want to replace it with something “new”. They don’t buy into the hype generated by some PR firm or advertising stooge that has probably never even seen a mod before.

Stattqualm instead recognises that a good quality atomiser should be built for life, it should be something that you want to have around for the long term. This is NOT a disposable hunk of questionable “stainless” steel churned out by the millions in a back alley in Shenzhen.

Put simply you can wear a $7 LCD digital watch, where its cheaper to buy a new one each year rather than change the battery. Instead you can wear a Breitling or Tag Heuer your whole life and pass it onto your grandkids when you are gone.

Yes it’s going to cost you a little bit more than your regular atty, but when you look at the fact that vaping is saving you thousands per year, and you are no longer filling ashtrays with the most expensive ash you will ever buy, a good quality lifetime mod or atty just makes sense. For the price of a bit more than a couple of cartons of ciggies, you can experience the difference quality makes yourself and still be a mile in front.

The Squape X Dream carries on the Squape tradition of being milled from only the finest grade 1.4404/316L Stainless steel and pure borosilicate glass. The deck is made from Ematalised Aluminium.

This Ematalising is something only found in the highest grades of engineering and entails the surface of the aluminium being surface treated and a hard layer of Aluminium Oxide and Titanium oxide being formed. This makes the Aluminium very non-reactive and tough. Most importantly for us as vapers, it means there is no interaction with metal and our e-liquid and it is also non-conductive, so shorts are practically impossible within the vapour chamber.

This treatment is only found on the highest level of mechanical processes, things such as high pressure solenoids in industry etc. This demonstrates just how far Stattqualm are prepared to go to give you the best possible vaping experience!

The Dream X also features a vaping first in the design of the deck attachment and e-liquid tank. For the first time ever the Dream X features a three position Deck lock system. In the “Closed” position, the whole atomiser is completely mechanically sealed, such as for transport or when you are not vaping and makes the whole unit leakproof. A quick turn to “Vape” opens the airflow and means the atomiser is ready to rock and roll … The “Remove” position enables the deck to be removed easily for recoiling, maintenance, or just “cos” while keeping the remaining liquid in the tank sealed and waiting for the re-fitment of the base and deck.

Cool hey?

You can of course use the deck as a single coil or dual and the airflow adjustment (stepless by the way) can be quickly configured for either.

This is a timeless atomiser that also manages to be cutting edge. It’s a rare and special combination.

At HOV we are stoked to be continuing our great relationship with Stattqualm Gmbh and even more stoked to be such a part of the world wide release of the Dream X.

We think its something special … we hope you do too!