Want Delectable e-juice?

House Of Vape has collaborated with T-Juice from across the globe in the UK to bring Australian customers their range of e-juice! House Of Vape now has a range of the ever so popular T-Juice Concentrates and they are a must try! T-Juice flavours are produced with passion and have … Continue reading

SQuape (R)eloaded launch tonight!

The SQuape Reloaded has arrived and boy does it vape like a dream! As soon as it arrived, I was in awe. The box It’s presented in is like a box of fine chocolates from Switzerland, only what’s inside is better than chocolate! I quickly wrapped a micro coil, and … Continue reading

Vaping is LIFE

“Hey man, do you VAPE?” “Yes bro, I do!”  There we have an instant connection! How many of you have come across people Vaping in public, only to find moments later you’re in a deep conversation about ecigs, vaping, e-juice and your vape history; how you started vaping etc? It … Continue reading

Slippery 420 VAPE THIS!

We recently collaborated with Aussie Hip Hop artist Slippery 420 to produce an e-juice he loves! It took us 3 months to get it right, trying many flavor combinations, till we found the right blend to make Slipperys taste buds sing and have him in VAPE euphoria Together, we decided … Continue reading

The Know How of E-Juice

Here’s a few pointers to help you with your vaping journey and to make your electronic cigarette experience enjoyable. It’s all about the juice Store your ejuice in a cool, dark place, similar to how you’d store medicine. I find a shoe box in a pantry cupboard works best. This … Continue reading

We agree with SCIENCE!

A group of 53 well respected top scientists globally, did research into e-cigarettes and their risks. What they found was that e-cigarettes are part of the SOLUTION in the fight against smoking. They also found that vaporizers are among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century – perhaps … Continue reading

VapeSox are coming to AUS

We are proud to announce VapeSox are on their way to House Of Vape. These MOD, battery, juice holders are a must for any vapers arsenal. They come in various stunning designs that cater for women and men alike. VapeSox are designed and made in the USA so you can … Continue reading

A BIG Thank You!

We just wanted to thank our customers for their support, encouragement and compliments. We worked very hard behind the scenes to establish House Of Vape and make It a great customer service experience. Our main goal  is customer service and providing premium quality vape hardware and e-juice. We strive to … Continue reading