Kanger steps it up again!

Our mates at Kanger are killing it in the box mod department ! Not a company to rest on its laurels, they are evolving all the time and the latest incarnation is a very sexy “ Topbox Mini “ Combo. The Topbox is a re-invention of the trusty Subox, with … Continue reading

This baby fires with any wire!

Wotofo are looking to stir things up, and stir they shall with the new big hitter on the block, The Chieftain 220W Box Mod! Deciding 200W  was for losers, they have upped the ante another 10 percent. They have done this by not sticking with everyday available circuitry and have … Continue reading

More is MORE!

One thing we vapers kinda “suffer” from in Australia is that the mainstream look at vaping we get, a lot of it comes from the US, or Europe, and of course what the industry in China is throwing at us. Conversely there are times when we miss out on different … Continue reading

This little pocket rocket packs a punch..

Everything is getting smaller these days, but smaller DOESN’T always mean lesser! Aspire have taken the basis of their enormously successful Odyssey kit then run the patented “Aspire Miniaturisation 3000 Uber-Laser Shrinky Ray” over it, and this ripper tiny combo magically appeared! The Odyssey Mini Kit consists of an all … Continue reading

Style meets cutting edge electronics..

Pop Culture styling meets cutting edge electronics! You are gonna grab hold of this mod and think you have just walked on to the set of an 80’s Sci-Fi classic. Bold styling is the stand out feature of this combo, but don’t be fooled… under the hood it’s all “2015 … Continue reading

Local Aussie legends make good!

Listen up youse Sheila’s and Blokes, a lot of youse Aussie-friggin-railyan vapers seem to suffer from a bit of the old “Cultural Cringe” Hey?… You know, the wanky concept…“Hey its impooorted juice, it’s much much better Old Chap!, cost me an absolute fooooortune!….”  (said while poncing about and wagglin’ yer little … Continue reading

Say NO to LiPo..

DNA200 devices are the “Go-To” mods currently for serious high power vapers and the Cloud Chaser Illuminati. And what’s not to like? Featuring the awesome Evolv DNA200 chip you get the safety, performance, and reliability of one of the top names in vaping. Designed by Jay Bo, (owner, designer,and manufacturer of … Continue reading

Could this be a new ‘Landmark’ in Australia?

Kaees*… Kayse? KAY-ece? Car-Ees? It doesn’t really matter how you pronounce it… it’s just really relevant to realise that HOV moves heaven and earth to inspire, locate, and bring to you the best vaping gear from around the globe, at the very best prices. Even from people you have probably … Continue reading

All in one MOD with 10ml capacity..

I tell ya, it’s pretty cruel what happens in Mod Development Laboratories around the world just so us vapers can get our Jolly’s! Take the Kanger NeBox for instance … now I can’t say for sure, because those places are all like “military security” an’ that, but I would bet … Continue reading

Designed by Builders, for Builders!

In the early days of vaping the innovation for change always came from the vapers themselves. That might seem strange these days, as Big Company after Big Company seeks to separate you from your hard earned dollar by telling you what you need and inventing all sorts of flash to … Continue reading