Flasks are not only for drinking..

Vaporflask by Vape Forward

So if you have been looking out for cool, different vape mods over the last year or two  your eye surely would have noticed the Vapour Flask.

With its very distinctive shape, and the evolution of it into a DNA platform, it was sure to tick a few boxes of most hardened vapers. It quickly became know for sheer build quality and was one of the few third party DNA devices that didn’t fall foul when it came to build, warranty or service. It of course became a huge success, particularly in the States where it was made.

What most people don’t know however, is that Vapor Flask ISN’T the Company!

A lot of vapers got confused. Because of its stellar rise to fame, the Vapor Flask very quickly became the reference for both the mod AND the manufacturer.

However the company behind the Vapor Flask is, and always has, been Vape Forward, and the Vapor Flask taking off the way it did, even caught them by suprise.

So much so that any further mods in the pipeline took a bit of a back seat, to satisfy the demand for the Flask. Rather than compromise on quality, it was do what you do best and make sure you do it well.

For 2016 however, all gloves are off!

In a bold decision to team up with WISMEC, Vape Forward now has the manufacturing expertise and facilities to ramp up production without sacrificing any of the quality they value so much. Being tied to 3rd Party chip-set manufacturers in the past had its pitfalls too , as VF didn’t get a great say in features and cost of the electronics and had to accept liability for any shortcomings they had.

Now with WISMEC they have access to a huge R&D platform and can custom make their own internals to their own specs and upgrade them easily and not be tethered by another manufacturers vision.

So this year you get:

  • The Vaporflask Classic, a faithful value for money version of the Vaporflask we all know, now boosting 150W and dual 18650 configuration with TC.
  • The Vaporflask Lite … a single 18650 compact platform with 75W incorporating the new variable temperature technology.
  • The Vaporflask Stout … a 26650 pocket rocket that is one of the smallest 22650 mods out there ! With 100W capability and variable temperature technology also.

Just to show us already how serious they are about these mods, Vape Forward has already released a new version of firmware (V2.00) that brings SS316 specific capability to the mods and a whole new mode where the user can set specific TCR values so as to take into account ANY wire coil (as long as the TCR is known)

So in a giant leap of faith VF has embraced the idea of quality U.S. designed and overseen manufacture of their own mods, in a competitive Chinese facility to bring the prices way down. Wismec is carving the way with Vape Forward to ensure top quality higher spec mods with rock solid design and pedigrees.

Any of the VF line will see you looked after and having a piece of quality gear at your disposal without having to mug an ATM!