Good looks.. and quality performance!

IPV5 blog-01

Pioneer4You have made quite a niche in the vaping scene.

This is pretty much due to the innovation and evolution of their IPV series of mods.

From humble beginnings with the original IPV the series has now come of age with a monster dual 18650 version, the IPV5.

The IPV5 is up there with the big boys, and indeed surpassing many of them due to its inclusion of the awesome Yihi Sx SX330-200 chipset.

Yihi are arguably the “goto” chip when it comes to higher wattage temperature controlled vaping.

Their SX 330-200 chip features upgradeable firmware and good control over the entire 10-200W range. Modes for Ni200,Titanium,and Stainless steel are present and the joule range can be set for between 10-100J (120J for Titanium!)

All this in a nicely sculpted form that is slightly smaller than the previous IPV4S.

Rounded edges and clean lines it fits in the palm nicely and gives you the feeling of a substantial mod, much the same as the whole IPV series. You can feel quality.

Originally the IPV D5 was touted to be featuring a big touch screen on the side, but Pioneer4you took on board user feedback and modified the concept to include a bigger than usual OLED set-up instead. With this box it’s not about the bling factor but more-so the performance and quality. In back-scaling like that P4You have again demonstrated that quality should take precedence over gadgetry!

They have however conceded that point in one regard and are enabling a custom display screen to be uploaded by the user to personalise the mod!

I always like it when a company listens, and Pioneer4You is very much a company like that. Rather than throw the customer under a passing bus they evolve an idea and stick to doing what they do best… and the IPV range IS what they do best!

If you have liked previous versions of the IPV, then the IPV5 is for you.

If you are looking for a big wattage device with a bit of a pedigree, then the IPV5 is for you.

If you are looking to step up to big bore vaping, the IPV5 is for you.

Others may have the flash, and promise all sorts of trickery, but with the D5 its a solid, good looking 200W dual 18650 platform, backed and powered by Yihi.

Damn fine that!