HOV Rewards

HOV Rewards


Everybody loves FREE Vape Gear and E-Juice right?

Well now, HOV is giving you the opportunity to earn HOV DOLLARS on all purchases. You can also earn HOV DOLLARS by writing product reviews or simply registering an account!

It’s is very simple to earn reward points…


1. Register an account with us HERE. You’ll instantly be awarded 200 HOV DOLLARS, just for signing up!

2. Review Products. Simply review a product and you’ll be awarded 100 HOV DOLLARS. Each product in our store has a ‘review’ tab. Remember, you must be signed into your account to review products.

3. Purchase products in our store and earn HOV DOLLARS with each item purchased. Each dollar spent in store earns you 1 HOV DOLLAR. Points are automatically added to your account when purchases are made.


The question on everybody’s lips! 100 Points = $2AUD

So let’s break that down…

  • Register an account – Earn $4 (200 HOV DOLLARS)
  • Review Products – Earn $2 per review (100 HOV DOLLARS)
  • Purchase Products – Earn 1 HOV DOLLAR per $1 spent (Unlimited HOV DOLLARS)

You’ll be given the option to use your HOV DOLLARS at checkout.

Go ahead, shop now and start earning your HOV DOLLARS today!

Disclaimer: HOV appreciates your product reviews as our customers rely heavily on these reviews when purchasing our products. We ask that reviews are honest and based on your true use of the product. Approval of product reviews and the allocation of HOV Dollars will be at the discretion of HOV management.