Kanger steps it up again!

Topbox Mini Kit

Our mates at Kanger are killing it in the box mod department !

Not a company to rest on its laurels, they are evolving all the time and the latest incarnation is a very sexy “ Topbox Mini “ Combo.

The Topbox is a re-invention of the trusty Subox, with the exterior being given a subtle make-over and the internals being souped up to a handy 75 watts. The Topbox also brings Temperature Control into the mix to really bring it up to date.

With TC modes for Ti, Ni, SS, and Nichrome, it has most of the bases covered right out of the box.

As a bonus we love it when manufacturers go backwards compatible with their coils. So not only does the Topbox Mini accommodate the newer SSOCC coils, it will still take the older square Subtank Coils, giving you a great range of vaping options and flexibility.

Kanger couples the TopBox mod in this combo with the awesome new TopTank Mini.

Boasting easy top-fill and a great 4ml capacity, combined with the flexibility of coil options mentioned above, this is a great Starter kit for beginners looking to enter into the Sub-Ohm Cloud Chasing experience. It will also appeal to regular vapers wanting a capable, no-fuss, mid-power vaping Platform. It really will suit a wide range of vapers!

Looking good isn’t much of a bonus if it doesn’t perform. The Kanger Topbox Mini certainly isn’t slacking off in that regard. Kanger has developed a good following for reliability in this series, that’s important, especially for the newer vaper who might not have backups in place if something does go wrong.

This is a really comprehensive kit, you get the mod, the tank, a selection of 3 different atomiser heads, and an RBA deck and accessory pack included!

So you get 75Watts of power with 4 way temperature control, a really capable and versatile matching tank system, with multiple coil options and the RBA platform in which to learn/hone your coil building skills!

Colour me IMPRESSED!

Oh and speaking of colours? You get to choose from a palette of  Platinum, Black, White or Red, with a matching mod and atomiser!

I might be speaking out of turn, because the traditionalist in me reckons the Platinum version is killer! But hey… No matter what combo you choose, you are still going to be the owner of one very fine and capable bit of kit.

Kanger Topbox Mini Kit?  Might as well just rename it …. WINNER!