Keeping it in the family..

Sicdrip by Sicboy

Straight from the twisted minds of the Colorado legends behind the Sicboy name, comes a new “Family” line of juices.

Sicboy itself was named after co-founder Kevin’s nickname, (Sicboy due to his sick sense of humour)

Just like all the names in the Sicboy line, the innocuous label seldom belies the amazing taste that dwells within. Kevin and the crew at Sicboy have decided to honour their Business Partners and Spouse’s with their very own juice flavours!

Very American flavours that will be different to a lot of what you have tried here in Aussie… but in a VERY very good way!

The first off the rank is The Filth!!!

This ripper of a juice brings Kevin”SicBoy” Kirkpatrick’s Co-Founder, Dave “The Filth” King, out of the shadows and throws him under a bus!

This mouth watering vape sums up Dave, decadent and deep… A rich creamy vanilla ice-cream milkshake, with a surprise hit of sweet, yet tart Huckleberry* in the finish.

* Huckleberries are related to blueberries and look very similar, they share a similar taste profile but have a tartness to them that is refreshing and unique.

Next in line comes Triple G!

This amazing blend of Watermelon and Strawberry Taffy’s will blow you socks off!

Taffy is like a lighter chewy version of aerated toffee and you better have a good drip tip on your tank, because with the flavour of this beauty you are probably going to start chewing without even being aware of it!

This was named after Gigi “Triple G” Gibson

Bringing up the rear but by no means the least is J-Ho!

J-ho is going to have you in rapture, forget about the “gangsta in the hood” you first thought of, and definitely forget about “Jenny from the Block”

This unique Lemon Doughnut however IS gonna jack your taste-buds and drive them, pedal to the metal, all the way interstate!

If that’s not enough, J-ho will then wrap your tongue in a sweet sticky glaze and bring you home again.

Warning ! This may be addictive, it sure shouldn’t be legal !

Named for Jaime “J-Ho “ Hood.

So there you have it .. the entire Sicboy founders and family in e-liquid.

We at HOV are very much about family, and we are absolutely stoked to be sharing the whole Sicboy family down under!