No fuss vaping at its best..

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Aspire certainly know how to put together a quality kit.

With their new K2,K3, and K4 rigs, they are setting the bar for no-fuss vaping in a compact and elegant package.

Building on the previous CF series batteries as inspiration Aspire have created a fantastic line of “Quick Start” Kits in three variants to suit a wide range of vapers.

If you are new to vaping and have done a little bit of research , you may have come across mention of the two different styles of vaping, Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung inhale. The names are pretty self explanatory but of course mouth to lung inhaling refers to where the vaper uses only the mouth to draw vapour out of a device and then after a small pause it is inhaled to the lungs. Direct lung inhale is where you simply insert the vapouriser in yer gob and suck the vapour all the way down .. no pause or holding of vapour in the mouth!

Sporting CF wrap batteries and matched tanks these are stunning little buggers indeed! All of the batteries feature no-fuss USB charging and a cable is of course included.

The K2 and K3 kit have atomisers matched to the batteries that are slanted more towards a mouth to lung style of vaping… the K4 is Sub-ohm and is for the lung hitters out there!

The physical sizes and battery capacities are all different too and reflect not only the style of vaping, but also the demands that style puts on a mod. While the mods with atomisers fitted are all pretty much the same length (139-142mm) the diameter of each is different

The K2 is the “baby” of the bunch … with an atomiser that takes Aspire Bottom Vertical Coil technology it uses their BVC coils and has a juice capacity of 1.8ml and a battery of 800mA. It is also the slimmest of the bunch at 15mm. It comes fitted with a 1.6 ohm Nichrome BVC coil. This is a svelte classy little bugger for a few hours out on the town on a night out, or for the lighter vaper or someone who doesn’t mind topping up or recharging .

The K3 is the “Middle Child” but don’t worry, it doesn’t have all the complications other middle child’s have! The battery on this one is 18mm in diameter rated at 1200mA capacity and the matched tank on the K3 holds 2.0ml of e-liquid and takes Aspire Nautilus coils… It is fitted with a 1.8 ohm BVC Nautilus coil.

The K3 gives you bigger battery life to keep you vaping longer between top-ups and charges. A bit of a heavier hitter than the K2 and with a bit more “legs”… Suited for a heavier night on the tiles perhaps?

Both the K2 and K3 have a regulated battery output of 5.5V to give you power and consistency for a satisfying vape.

The K4 however is the big, mean, Older Brother… this one knows his stuff and is not afraid to show off! Using the Cleito Atomiser and 0.27 Ohm Clapton coils it’s the show-off of the family. With a 22mm Diameter 2000mA battery and with full bypass mode this is the one to be wielding when the night club’s fog machine goes on the blink! The K4 punches well above its weight!

All three models are available in a black or pink Carbon Finish, the Black has a matching Black Stealth atomiser and the Pink comes with the blingy stainless variant.

No matter what your vaping style, there is a mod for you in the new Aspire “K” range… from a tootle puffer to cloud bringer as well as the middle ground.

The K2, K3, or K4 will allow you to grab a mod that suits you, not try and mould you to a form you don’t want… If you just want to vape without worrying about settings and faffing about with modes etc, something that is easy peasy plug and play, you could do far worse than chucking one of these in yer bag on the way out the door!

Presented in a sturdy and flashy hard presentation case, any of these mods is a great gift to get someone you know getting started in vaping, as well as appeal to the current vaper who wants a capable compact set-up.