The Life Of A Coil

We’ve had countless queries regarding the life of coils, so we took the time to detail a few pointers that can help make your coils last.

Firstly, coils are generally mass produced and results may vary from coil to coil. You may find a coil that lasts weeks or even months and the next coil may only last 2-3 days. This is due mainly to quality control of the manufacturer. It’s a hit and miss, and It’s something we tolerate and are used to as Vapers. Bare this in mind when you purchase coils.

Various e-juices affect coils differently. A general rule is, the darker the juice, the harsher it is on coils. Dessert and tobacco e-juices are particularly harsher on coils while mints, menthols and fruits are kinder to coils.

There’s a method to changing coils that we like to use and believe it helps prolong its life. *Please note this is for a Bottom Coil Clearomizer Tank


  1. Unscrew the tank and remove the old coil
  2. Prime new coil by dripping 4-5 drops of ejuice in the coil till you see cotton soaked (soak it, don’t flood it!)
  3. Insert new coil and screw it in firmly to prevent leakage
  4. Fill clearomizer with e-juice
  5. Screw clearomizer back together
  6. Leave your clearomizer upright for 5 minutes to allow the coil to soak in the e-juice
  7. Now turn your device wattage/voltage down (we like to start at approx 3.3Volts or 7Watts)
  8. Screw your tank onto your battery/MOD
  9. Start vaping! Gradually increase the voltage/wattage every 4-5 puffs until you reach your desired level (this is called ‘breaking in the coil’)

If you notice a dry hit (dry taste, no flavour), close the airflow and take a couple of sharp puffs without firing your button (like you did in step 6 above)

If you have your airflow open to the biggest hole, you may experience more dry hits because there is less vacuum effect happening and therefore less e-juice traveling to the coil.


We hope this helps and makes your vaping journey more pleasant!