JRad Frosted Tank
JRAD Frosted Glass TankJRAD Frosted Glass Tank

JRad Frosted Glass Tank

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These handmade JRad Melts tanks are exclusive to House Of Vape Australia!

Made from Borosilicate GERMAN glass they are hand-made by JRad in California USA.

They make a great addition to any e-cigarette or MOD setup!

These tanks are made from very thick German glass and each one is hand cut to size and then polished to a perfect fit and finish.

This JRad Tank set comes ready to vape, complete with a standard 510 XL Cartomizer, end caps and a Glass Drip Tip!

Glass is also a much better option for vaping as plastic is known to break with certain juices.

This is the limited edition sandblasted version and features a frosted/etched look that also acts as a gauge for your e-juice!

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4 reviews for JRad Frosted Glass Tank

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have had the honor of meeting J Rad via the internet and have a few of his peices of my very own! This man has some mad skills and he breaths life into his art glass that is truly a joy to own. He ALWAYS thinks of the customer. I had him first make 3 tips and they were stunning. ABSOLUTLEY. Stunning. We conversed a few more times and then I wanted my very own tank with my fav of all time, “Boondocks Saints” and it is beyond words. not ONLY, did he engage the classic image of the Saints, he went and am me an engraved juice bottle three more tips and a ridiculously beautiful necklace! I have pics if anyone wants to see!! I LOVE this mans skill. !! He is not all about the money, he wants to make sure that you get what you invasion AND he goes one step (or in my case a hole bunch of step) over and above. His work can speak for itself. It has simitry, and the colors flow within his glass like a whisper in the wind. I will always be forever grateful and most definately will be an avid fan and customer!
    Brenda C
    lady of the Keys

  2. 4 out of 5


    I’ve had a good couple of months to play around with this tank on my Provari Mini and after a bit of a learning curve, this tank gets a thumbs up.

    Construction: This is one high quality tank. Solid, thick, tough glass – can’t fault it. The frosted finish is immaculate. I’ve dropped it two times with no issues. No marks or scratches either.
    I personally didn’t like the supplied drip tip – it’s too thin. I like the feel of a wider drip tip in my mouth, so I just use my rounded Kayfun tip. It looks good too.

    Seal: I’ve had no issues with leaking on this tank at all. Nice.

    Carto use: With the non-flanged cartos I can’t use my top cap on the Provari as it blocks the airflow to the carto. Flanged cartos work best giving you that extra gap to allow airflow. Having said that I’ve been happily vaping away on non-flanged cartos for weeks – just make sure when you insert the carto to let it sit a one mm or so down from the bottom of the tank so that slight gap is there.

    When using pre-punched cartos you can insert from the top or bottom of the tank’s end caps.

    When using self-punched cartos – I remove the top end cap from the tank and insert from the top down – as the end cap holes are unforgiving and won’t allow the carto to slide up due to the shape of the carto after it has been punched. I then I replace the top cap and I’m ready to go.
    If you can’t remove the top cap – get a carto that hasn’t been punched (or a pre-punched one) and slide it up from the bottom – firmly but slowly. You will meet with resistance from the top cap of the tank and it will eventually pop off.

    Filling: Filling this tank is easy, no fuss, no mess. I remove the tank from my device, turn it upside down and press on the carto 510 connection. It easily pops down into the tank. I then pull it down a little further – fill from the bottom with a needle tipped bottle and push it back up. Done.

    Verdict: This tank is high quality, the frosted finish looks really nice – I love it. The seals are solid. Slight learning curve with the insertion of cartos – but I’ve got it down pat now. Easy to fill.
    Looks good on a 22mm device – end caps are 22mm glass tank sits out a couple of mm on either side. Looks awesome on a box mod.

  3. 5 out of 5


    when it comes to tanks with class this one definitely takes the cake, the frosted effect on the glass lets you see how much juice is inside at all points and the quality of it is suburb.
    don’t be fooled thinking
    “because its glass it might break more often”
    that’s not the case with this tank, its heavy sturdy and reliable.
    defs in my top 3 favourite tanks.

  4. 5 out of 5


    love the durability on the of the glass also has a nice look to it

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