Cubis Replacement Tube
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Cubis Tank by JoyeTech Replacement Tube

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Earn up to 8 HOV Dollars.

OK, we’ve all been there… Loving your vape, put your mod on the bench, next thing “Bang!” its on the floor, if you are lucky it’s still intact. The law of averages however  doesn’t always come down on our lucky side, sometimes you end up with a smashed tank and juice forming a mocking puddle on the floor.

The Cubis is a great atomiser and far too good to bin just because of a broken tank.

We’ve got your back tho, with an original replacement tank at a value price, to get you up and vaping again in no time.

If you are a smart vaper though, you are gonna buy this tube tank and have it sitting in your vape stash ready and waiting for the possible tragedy.

At our prices it just makes sense. Even if you never break your tanks, it’s a cheap insurance policy to keep the Cubis love happening!

Accidents happen, but having a spare on hand is just good planning!

Naturally its identical to the one it is replacing… quality Stainless Steel and glass, 3.5 ml capacity, and incorporating Joyetech’s new leak resistant form factor that makes the Cubis unique.

Insurance for the future that you can use everyday. I smell Win/Win in your future!

Available in Black or Silver

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Black, Silver


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