WhiteOut SX MOD by Cloudmaker
WhiteOut SX MOD by CloudmakerWhiteOut SX MOD by CloudmakerWhiteOut SX MOD by CloudmakerWhiteOut SX MOD by CloudmakerWhiteOut SX MOD by CloudmakerWhiteOut SX MOD by CloudmakerWhiteOut SX MOD by Cloudmaker

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WhiteOut SX MOD by Cloudmaker

$279.95 From: $149.95

Earn up to 250 HOV Dollars.

Cloudmaker Technologies is looking to future-proof vaping by turning the mod concept on its head and producing a truly modular, user customisable premium vaping platform.

The idea is simple, the execution?… Not so much!

Imagine if you will ‘One Mod to rule them all’, a mod that can change just as quick as vaping itself does? Sound Interesting?

Well it sure did to us, which is why we are proud to bring these mods here to Aus!

The concept is simply that EVERY part of the mod, from how it looks, to how it performs, is modular and user replaceable. You can decide what skin it wears, what chip you want today, what battery combo etc etc.

Of course not everything is gonna appear at once, but Cloudmaker are kicking off the range with an awesome dual 18650 box, which in this case is fitted with the acclaimed Yihi SX350J Temperature Control chipset to put out up to 150W.

The SX Mod comes completely assembled and Quality Checked by the factory and is available currently in a choice of Black or Silver Frame and Silver Panels.

Other colour body kits will be available so you can customise your look. There are even clear panels so you can show off its naked glory! All panels are magnetically attached with STRONG neodymium magnets!

The SX350J chip module in the Whiteout Sx is sourced direct from Yihi themselves and boasts the full firmware upgrade to 150W for serious power puffing.

The full specs of the 120W base chipset can be found HERE and the same applies to the Cloudmaker, except the output has been raised to 150W with an official Yihi firmware upgrade. 

Cloudmaker SX Mod specs:

  • 108mm tall, 63mm wide, 27.5mm deep
  • Yihi’s acclaimed Sx350J Temperature Control chipset 5-150W,5-60 Joules (in Joule mode)
  • Dual 18650 battery module
  • USB firmware upgradable
  • Custom chassis and panel kit
  • 510 connector module with sprung centre pin


  • WhiteOut SX MOD by Cloudmaker
  • Allen keys and spare screws
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Black Frame w/ Silver Panels, Silver Frame w/ Silver Panels


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