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We love an RDA that’s innovative and unique, with features that push the boundaries of vaping to achieve a certain goal. In the case of the VLS Vector RDA, that boundary is flavorful and vapourful heaven.

Milled from a single piece of high-grade 303-Stainless steel, this 22mm solid construction is sleek and elegant, but don’t be fooled, even though ridiculously pretty, it doesn’t jeopardize in performance. The Vector is made for super sub-Ohming, which results in hot e-juice coming into contact with the vaper at all times, but not with this one, as it comes with spit-back protection and an intelligent design stopping any possible leaking too!

But the airflow, oh the airflow! You’ll notice 8 vertical circular holes which act as vertical intakes that are precisely situated above the coils you build, allowing for direct cool air to send a focused stream around the coil heads, which, in turn, produces move vapor and more intense flavor. With this innovation, you’ll taste nothing but warm dense flavorful vapor from your favorite juice straight out of the new wide bore AFC drip tip! That’s right; it comes with one of those too. And it looks the tits!

This flawless Japanese design is like that of the samurai; perfection from every angle. With a three post system sporting large post holes, a ‘squircular’ centre post, PEEK insulators, a protruding pure red copper contact pin, and unparalleled machining, you can’t ask for anything more. But, my favorite feature is still to come; To maximize juice well capability, VLS created a signature under passing juice-well.

Product Specifications:

  • Pure 303-grade stainless steel design
  • Milled from a single piece
  • Unparalleled Japanese machining
  • 8 vertical intake air flow holes (fully adjustable)
  • Leak free design
  • Huge post holes
  • Pure red protruding centre post pin
  • Unique deep juice well
  • PEEK insulators
  • Non-spinning centre post

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3 reviews for Vector RDA by VLS

  1. 4 out of 5


    This is one really nice RDA. holds a tonne of juice so don’t need to drip as often (on average i drip every 10-15 minutes when chain vaping). flavour is great and airflow is huuuuuuge. can close it right up for mouth to lung or open it and go direct lung. massive holes for your wires so gauge is no issue here. vapor production will be as good as your build in, but it should satisfy the majority. the best thing about this one though is air holes on top. no more leaking in your pocket when its on a bit of a lean. that was one thing that pushed me away from drippers, and this one has just brought me back! one downfall is no way to change your drip tip. but it still looks good with the one it has. grab one and enjoy the flavour and vapor of dripping without the headaches of leaking and having to drip every few vapes.

  2. 3 out of 5


    my second purchase from HOV, the packages arrive very fast, staff response very quickly, then RDA itself….. All I can say is that the built quality is top notch, the finishes are awesome, it’s a treat to look at, flavor and vapor is great, and it’s leak proof, BUT! It is not a practical RDA, it gets real hot real fast, about 5-7 lung hit, it will get damn hot that u cannot put your lips on, and the spit back can really burn your mouth, and if you use the net block thing, flavor and vapor is horrible…. With this price, it shouldn’t have that problem!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Bought this elsewhere before seeing this amazing price! This rda really produces immense flavour and dense clouds
    it has an easily workable buildspace and generous dripwell.
    Good go to rda!

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