Vortice RDA by VaporShark

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OMAGHERD! It’s  real life Sharknado!

Yep, the boys and gals at Vaporshark have been putting in some overtime to sweep you off your feet with their latest innovation, The Vortice RDA!

A couple of atomisers on the market have included rifling in the drip tips , or perhaps a bit of grooving in the chamber to create an active “air-swirl”. The theory behind this is the more active the air flow, the greater volume of air that is in contact with the coil,  thus the more vapour and flavour you can get.

But it took the Vaporshark lab monkeys to bring it full scale and in the Vortice from the minute the air touches the outside of the vent area , it is devoted fully to this principle. The unique air slots channel the cool outside air and shape and direct it to create… you guessed it, a Vortex! This flavour chucker is designed for Nickel and Temp control too. It will change your mind while blowing it!

Both air intakes feature razor sharp milling, as you inhale they accelerate and swirl the incoming air so it hits the chamber like a mini-tornado, this thing packs such a flavour hit I am surprised it doesn’t suck the taste buds off your tongue on the way thru!

The Vortice comes packed with everything you need to experiment or customise this unique vaping experience. It comes with two air sleeves, one for single coil set-up, one for dual coil, a 12mm bore delrin chuff cap, a 510 delrin cap, Spare Peek insulators, spare O-rings…. Gerdhammit it even comes with a Squonk ready spare centrepin! So Yep, its Squonk ready ( bottom feeding ) out of the box !

( And yes!… you even get the little blue screwdriver too! )

It’s easy to build on with a two post design,and the rifle ring screws off the deck to fully expose the posts. It’s compact… it runs on Science, not promises, the airflow will change your mind on how a vape should be. It’s restricted yet performs… Imagine if a Hellfire took Ventolin! Flavour AND vapour !

I wouldn’t be surprised if this atty kicks your partner out of bed and snuggles up with you instead!

Specifications and features:

  • 22mm diam … 30.75mm tall ( with chuff fitted)
  • Brushed Stainless Steel finish
  • 2xDelrin caps ( one chuff cap with 12mm bore, one std 510 driptip) so you can lung inhale or mouth to lung
  • Huge spare package of insulators, O-rings, screws and spare bottom feeder pin
  • Ability to remove bottom pin and use as a SQUONKER
  • Hard plastic packaging case

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Wow, you guys stocked the Vortice from VaporShark already! You’re probably the first ones in Australia, it’s super cool and it’s airy-flow makes it a cloud chasing dream.

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