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The Pod Revolution

The Pod Revolution   by Charles Sammut When my smoking buddies at work get in sync there’s about 8 of us that huddle around a bench out the back having a moan [...]
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Special Handling

I saw something today I see often enough in my travels to Vape Shops around Sydney. A middle-aged lady walks into a shop I was hanging out in. Vapour Power up in [...]
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Ready for a Rebuildable?

By Charles Sammut Over in the other section of the darkened display cabinet at your local Vape Shop. Dispersed amongst the reels of resistance wires, build tools and [...]
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Be seen… Be heard

    By Charles Sammut   The South Australian State government recently added to legislation a new law that will make it very difficult for South [...]
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A Whole Year…

Many Happy Returns of the Sun by Charles Sammut   In a couple of days it’ll be one year since I bought my first vape and made a solemn vow not to light up [...]
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Is Vaping Really Inconvenient?

  The convenience factor of vaping compared cigarettes is a question that is bound to crop up during your first few weeks of vaping. I’m going to suggest it’s [...]
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Battery Safety

I thought it timely we have a bit of a chat about battery safety as you’ll no doubt come across a few incidents, doing a cursory search on the internet, where [...]
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How to Talk with Smokers

As I sit and write this I have a virus. I’ve had a few close calls since winter started and they seem to go away after a day. It’s easy to put that down to vaping is [...]
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Playing the Brain

Over the last few blog entries, we explored ways of approaching how to choose your first vaping set-up or Starter Kit, tackled strategies to picking your first [...]
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You need a Plan B

I remember during a stage in my teen years I was constantly asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You can sense the dismay when I would reply “An [...]
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Vaping Checklist for Beginners

Let’s face it; lists are boring. Especially for us free-spirited, creative, genius…no… lazy bones types who’d rather spend half an hour searching the [...]
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How to Pick your Vape First Set-Up

Back in the 1980’s at Redfern Oval, this old man used to snake around the crowd on the hill selling Peanuts. “Get your peanuts! Sugar-coated or in the Shell!!” [...]
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Nicotine intake explained!

Switching from Cigarettes to vaping? Still, need that Nic hit? Now the hard part do you know how much Nic you absorb from a cigarette? Most people assume that they [...]
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What Rebuildable to choose Pros and cons Rda vs Rta vs Rdta

The great debate of what one for what person is a hard one as each person has different taste. So because I’m a rebuildable addict and have owned around 100 [...]
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Mod’s and Atomiser cleaning and maintenance.

Hi, guys! this one is something I find very important in my weekly vape ritual and it’s something we should all take a little time for no matter how novice or [...]
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