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You need a Plan B

I remember during a stage in my teen years I was constantly asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You can sense the dismay when I would reply “An [...]
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Vaping Checklist for Beginners

Let’s face it; lists are boring. Especially for us free-spirited, creative, genius…no… lazy bones types who’d rather spend half an hour searching the [...]
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How to Pick your Vape First Set-Up

Back in the 1980’s at Redfern Oval, this old man used to snake around the crowd on the hill selling Peanuts. “Get your peanuts! Sugar-coated or in the Shell!!” [...]
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Nicotine intake explained!

Switching from Cigarettes to vaping? Still, need that Nic hit? Now the hard part do you know how much Nic you absorb from a cigarette? Most people assume that they [...]
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What Rebuildable to choose Pros and cons Rda vs Rta vs Rdta

The great debate of what one for what person is a hard one as each person has different taste. So because I’m a rebuildable addict and have owned around 100 [...]
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Mod’s and Atomiser cleaning and maintenance.

Hi, guys! this one is something I find very important in my weekly vape ritual and it’s something we should all take a little time for no matter how novice or [...]
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Rebuildable & Battery Safety

So you have got the itch to start with a rebuildable atomiser? Firstly get your local clinic to check out that itch then go find your coils lots of vendors stock [...]
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Yes, I’m going there! Nicotine! I use to be a heavy smoker so nicotine in my liquid is a must have or I go on a crazy rampage of withdrawal. Some people are a [...]
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PASTRIES. who doesn’t like em’? Their delicious, chewy goodness is nearly impossible to resist, but indulge too often and you’ll feel your belt tighten. What’s [...]


Hov Family, it’s time to be called on for the best chance to change the laws regulating vaping and nicotine in Australia! You have until July 6th to do so! The [...]
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TGA refuses to change stance on Nicotine

Hey HOV Family, back once again with another blog! Firstly, I’d like to mention how freaking dope our new website looks, I hope you all love it too! Today I’ll be [...]
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Adidas has been climbing strong this year. It’s iconic 3 stripes, the well known and highly-repped brand has been climbing to the highest heights with their hit line [...]
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Vape Etiquette

Hey HOV family, I’m back again today to speak about something that is very important to vapers. But really isn’t brought up too often in the vaping community. That [...]
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Byron Bay Juice Co.

Hello again HoV family, These past few weeks I’ve been trying out all the juice from a relatively new juice company, who are starting to make massive headway in the [...]
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Hello again HOV family. I’m back again today to bring you my thoughts on a remarkably affordable stock coil tank that I’ve been testing out. This is the mighty [...]