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The Complete Guide to House of Vape and How Their Site Is Changing the E-Cigarette Market in Australia


House of Vape is an Australian-based electronic cigarette company. No matter your vaping needs, House of Vape has you covered with an extensive line of juice, hardware, and various accessories.

We have broken into the vaping industry with five physical locations across Australia. These sites include locations in Drummoyne, Belmore, Campbelltown, Neutral Bay, and Dee Why. Though House of Vape put its mark on the industry with its physical stores, the vape store legends have branched into an all-in-one online store. If you live in Australia but aren't close enough to a store or don't have time to visit a location, House of Vape's online store is the place to go.

Why House of Vape Is Better Than the Competition

Deciding to switch to a new vape shop can be frightening and hard. Change is never easy! However, House of Vape ensures you will get whatever you need to “have a happy vaping.”

Our online store includes starter kits, replacement coils and pods, numerous e-liquids, atomisers, mods, batteries and chargers, and different accessories.

Each line that House of Vape carries is top of the line. We aim to provide premium juice and hardware while providing excellent customer service. All hardware is sourced from high-end manufacturers and is tested by House of Vape before hitting their shelves. House of Vape wants to ensure whatever product you're using is safe, effective, and high quality. Our shop carries everything from starter kits for the newfound vaper to accessories to fix and customise your vaporiser to your liking.

We carry over 50 different brands of vape juice, making it easy to find the right juice for you. It doesn't stop there. House of Vape carries brands from all over the world. We carry brands from Australia and New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Canada. No matter what brand of juice you're looking for, House of Vape probably carries it. House of Vape also carries our in-house juice called "House of Vape." The HOV brand has five fun flavours including, strawberry cream and hazelnut caramel tobacco.

Our one-stop shop doesn't only carry juice and vapes for your needs. House of Vape also carries a selection of DIY tools. The market for DIY supplies for those who make their own juice is growing. Many people like to experiment with new flavours or enjoy tweaking flavours to their liking. If you’re looking to create your own juice at home House of Vape carries the necessary tools to ensure you can safely and properly create your own unique flavours. These tools include but are not limited to Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, juice bottles, and syringes.

What Makes Their Products So Great?

On the surface, House of Vape may seem like the everyday vape shop you see on every corner nowadays. However, we can easily get lost amongst all the others if you aren't up to date on all the great things House of Vape has to offer.

House of Vape is so much more than your average shop. We carry a larger line of products making it easy to find what you need and try new things if you’re feeling adventurous. In addition, House of Vape offers extensive customer support options and has glowing reviews, unlike any other store.

Many people have given House of Vape a five-star review on Google, stating that we provide an easy experience with great prices and a knowledgeable team of vape experts at your disposal. One reviewer even named an employee a "Vape Wizard." Our team at House of Vape knows their stuff to ensure high-quality products with great customer service. Customers are exceptionally satisfied with the number of products, knowledge, and customer service that House of Vape offers.

The site even offers a chatbot to ask any questions that might arise while browsing the extensive collection. House of Vape is transparent with its prices and its shipping. It also makes it easy to contact if you have any questions. Our site itself offers immediate options to chat with the 24-hour support team or give a call to the provided number. If you're looking to stay up to date, House of Vape has a newsletter that you can subscribe to and make sure you're getting all of your vape industry news as soon as it hits the internet. Finally, you can follow House of Vape all over social media including, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can stay up to date with sales and new products without even changing your daily routine.

Our site offers free shipping to order over $50. We even promise that orders placed Monday through Friday before 1 pm NSW will be dispatched on the same day. You won't have to wait long for your vaping supplies to be delivered. Unfortunately, House of Vape does not offer shipping internationally for now. On the bright side, House of Vape offers an option to pick up your products if you are close enough to a store. You won't have to pay for shipping if you have a small order with its pick-up option.

Finally, House of Vape has made it our mission to ensure customers are always getting the best and latest trends for vaping. Our company ensures it's up to date on the latest trends, with teams of experts always on the hunt for the newest and best products on the e-cigarette market.


Making the switch to House of Vape is not one that needs to be heavily considered. With a wealth of knowledge, vast product inventory, and great customer service options, House of Vape's online store is the first place to go if you're in Australia and looking for the biggest and best product brands on the market. Don't pass up the incredible deals, fantastic products, and great environment House of Vape has to offer.

Have yourself a happy vape and visit House of Vape today!

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