Australian vaping laws and how they affect you.

Disclaimer: Everyone should personally check their local law for the most up to date information. This is a Guide to further inform, and educate you with the current information available.   Now, don’t be too scared, this will seem a bit doom and gloom. But stick with me, as there … Continue reading

Swiss brilliance once again..

OK we all love vapemail don’t we? Of course we do!… It seems like there is always the “next big thing” coming out on YouTube, being pushed by 1001 crazy reviewers and lets face it 99% of those next big things are designed to have a limited appeal and service … Continue reading


“A Squonk! , a Squonk, My Kingdom for a Squonk!” * *Stolen directly from William Shakespeare’s classic Vaper play “Richard the Third (a Vapers tale!)” Well it would have been if Shakespeare was around today, because good ol’ Will was a pretty progressive fella and he woulda been a vaper for … Continue reading

All in one.. Sub-Ohmers included!

One of the crappy things about vaping is the amount of stuff we “need” to get the vape that works for us, but at the very minimum you need a mod with your choice of tank, and a supply of liquid to last you all day if you are out … Continue reading

No fuss vaping at its best..

Aspire certainly know how to put together a quality kit. With their new K2,K3, and K4 rigs, they are setting the bar for no-fuss vaping in a compact and elegant package. Building on the previous CF series batteries as inspiration Aspire have created a fantastic line of “Quick Start” Kits … Continue reading

Best RTA 2016 winner?

2015 was the year of the tanked atomiser, and basically the king of them all turned out to be the Aromamizer. Voted as the best RTA of 2015 by Ecigclick awards was the big feather in its cap. It beat out such notable tanks as the Goblin, Crius, Billow V2, … Continue reading

Bubble tea in a bottle..

If you have been hiding under a cultural rock, or never set foot outside your lounge room, then you might not have heard of Bubble Tea, or Boba Juice. However if you are a bit of a traveller or have ventured into the Asian side of our great cultural melting … Continue reading

Keeping it in the family..

Straight from the twisted minds of the Colorado legends behind the Sicboy name, comes a new “Family” line of juices. Sicboy itself was named after co-founder Kevin’s nickname, (Sicboy due to his sick sense of humour) Just like all the names in the Sicboy line, the innocuous label seldom belies … Continue reading

Flasks are not only for drinking..

So if you have been looking out for cool, different vape mods over the last year or two  your eye surely would have noticed the Vapour Flask. With its very distinctive shape, and the evolution of it into a DNA platform, it was sure to tick a few boxes of … Continue reading

Good looks.. and quality performance!

Pioneer4You have made quite a niche in the vaping scene. This is pretty much due to the innovation and evolution of their IPV series of mods. From humble beginnings with the original IPV the series has now come of age with a monster dual 18650 version, the IPV5. The IPV5 … Continue reading