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It’s not working! Troubleshooting Basic Problems for Beginners

It’s not working! Troubleshooting Basic Problems for Beginners

Your new vape gear can be a finicky beasts. Your new regulated mod has a menu structure to get your head around. Your tanks comes in bits held together by fine screw-in threading, glass walls, silicon O-rings and tiny coils that need to go in the right way.

With the benefit of hindsight and things I have learnt from others we can go through a few things you’ll most likely come across and what you can do to put yourself in a position to troubleshoot and solve those early basic problems.

When something goes wrong it’s most likely something very simple that can be fixed (said no one ever!). With a bit of understanding how these bits chugging out those delicious clouds work, you can resolve most basic issues without too much of a fuss.

In no particular order:

Understanding your mod:

It’s most likely you’ve got a regulated mod. You can tell it’s regulated cause it typically has more than one button and a screen with all these numbers displayed. The circuit board behind that screen has features that not only to regulate the electricity flow and provide safety but also give you a quick view of of the state of your tank, how much charge you have left and what your settings are.

These chips have other feature beside dialling up or down your watts. These may include Temperature Control, Temp Control curves & Bypass. Normally these will be clearly displayed but some of the screens are fairly small and one mode may look like the other at a glance.

By learning what those buttons do you can understand what the display is telling you and how to navigate to where you were before. Most regulated mod systems generally stay within the same familiar menu system so a little effort with your first mod goes a long way to getting your head around the next one.

Manuals that come with the mod aren’t always the best but it’s a good start. Be assured that weeks before the mod your are holding hit the market the more popular Youtube Vape reviewers have an in-depth video on your mod. Easily the best way to learn to understand your mod.

Mods suddenly not firing, burning your coils too fast or the vape cloud is too small could all be because you’ve accidentally adjusted some settings or in some cases locked your buttons so they don’t work. Some mods can do this.

Understanding and navigating around your mods menu system is the best thing you can do for your vape experience. You can get the most out of your tank and juice by learning this….20 minutes max!

Understanding your tank:

Your tank keeps leaking. Your friend has the exact same tank and it never leaks! Why oh why!?!

There’s a lot of science happening in a tank. Lots of stuff going on and it’s all very very complicated. In simple ways...which is always best for me too, it comes down to mostly one thing….Air.

A tank is basically a hollow tube with a BBQ happening in the middle of it inside the internal chamber. You suck air out of the chimney and underneath the coil is air coming in keeping the coil cooled. The heated coil needs to be wet with juice for it to make vapour which is why it’s packed with cotton. The cotton works like a dam to hold back the juice. When some juice is converted into vapour it draws more juice from the tank. The pocket of air above the juice line is at a lower pressure which works to hold the juice back and that lower air pressure is maintained by more puffs but it also tries really hard to be at normal pressure so it sucks a little bit of air and you see little bubbles float up.


Got it? It took me a while let me tell you.

The balance between the Air, cotton dam and thickness of the juice pretty much stops the juice from running out through your Air Flow Controller quickly (AFC, the bit you twist around to reduce airflow). Leave your tank standing long enough without touching it, the juice will eventually flow out as the air pressure in the tank normalises. Science fact right there!

Understanding this bit of beautiful science means the next time your tank leaks it mostly like to be one of the silicon seals letting air through so there is no pressurised air above the juice line. Check all-silicon seals are seated properly, not torn or broken and sometimes they just need a bit of fluffing up with a toothpick or needle and re-seated. New tanks are assembled by machine and are shipped way too tightly and can crush a silicone seal that needs waking up with a bit of a fluff and prod.

Take some time to locate all the silicone seals in your tank. You don’t need to completely pull it apart to do this.

Burning coils too quickly even after priming them properly could be the juice is not getting through the cotton dam quickly enough. This happens when there is too much air pressure in the tank holding the juice back or the wattage setting on your mod are too high...or simply too many puffs too quickly...which bring me to the next quick one

Be aware of your senses:

Tune into oneself man! As the hippies used to say. Vaping is a tactile instrument and you’re using all your senses. Smell, vision, touch. hearing and taste. Which is why vaping is becoming more popular I reckon. Listen to your coil crackling, taste the clouds, feel the mod and look at the screen and those thick plumes of vapour. I even talk to mine….

By tuning in your sense you can usually catch a problem before it gets bad. Like, if your tank sounds like it has a blocked runny nose, it’s flooding up. Cloud tasting a bit dry could be slow juice flow or airflow issues... Poor vapour production could be power settings too low.

Just get all touchy-feely with your vape, your mod...marvel at your tank. Smell your clouds...take selfies with your mod. This...thing is keeping you off tobacco. It wants to love you like a puppy dog, wagging its little tank at you….. take a puff! Pat me! Pat me!

Keep your gear clean, buy your mod the gift of clean undamaged batteries, oil up those battery door hinges.

Love it, learn it and your better other or friends will think you’ve gone loopy but you and I will know you are just wanting to stay off the stinky tobacco.

By spending a little bit of time examining your tank and learning your mod you should be able to troubleshoot most issues and in turn, help others with theirs. You’ll also benefit from getting a better understanding with which direction you want to go with your future vape. You’ll also dial in a better experience over-all with vaping. Lots of benefits right? Yep!


It’s worth understanding what you are using and’s fun too.

And….that’s it for now. If you are experiencing more complicated issues best to get in touch with your vendor and discuss with them. The good vendors would have already offered to be available to help.

BTW, I’m at House of Vape most Saturday afternoons, we have a good group thing happening where we talk about vape gear, problem solve, offer help and share tips and advice. It’s a lot of fun and laughs aplenty. You’d be welcomed to join in.



Charles Sammut

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