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The Pod Revolution

The Pod Revolution

The Pod Revolution


by Charles Sammut

When my smoking buddies at work get in sync there’s about 8 of us that huddle around a bench out the back having a moan about some work issue we’re trying to resolve.

Six months ago I was the only vaper in the group. These days they all either vape full time or occasionally and various degrees of in between. I know the ones that are grappling with the switch as they will pull out a ciggy and add a verbal disclaimer. “it’s the first one I’ve had today”

“You don’t need to explain anything to me my friend” is what I usually reply with.

I really went out of my way with this mob not to preach and hassle and in the early days, I answered their curious questions without being overly bright-washing. I pretty much kept things light. Nobody likes being pressured and I personally dislike adding emotional guilt into any spiel.

I have to say though...what really turned things around wasn’t anything I said or any fancy rebuildable set-up I showed them.

It was a pod.

Sure, some of the more geeky smokers that took up vaping in the earlier days of this mob have now at least tried rebuildable's it was when one of them pulled out a pod, no bigger than a USB stick, that things changed in this group.

They ended up getting a vapour pod to try.

That hurdle that vaping was too complicated pretty much vanished.

They are easy to use and still cheaper than the running cost of even a half pack a day cigarette smoker.


Our little group of smokers have turned into a group of vapers and instead of talking about things that are giving us the shits at work we’re talking about juice flavours, ohms law and how cute those little pods are.

I’m the one asking the questions now. Do they work? What’s the flavour like? How much did it cost?

As I have since found out...Pods are a viable introduction to vaping and I also think that for some may also be the only way to vape. What I mean by that is Pods might very well be all you need to stay off tobacco and stay away from the intricate side of vaping mods, tanks, wicks and wires.

Pods fill that gap for new vapers where they may have been some fear or reluctance due to perceived complexities about what's been on offer to date. Pods offer a chance to try vaping with minimum fuss.

The lesson for me here was to check my own biases. I had dismissed pods as cheap gimmicks and a cynical exercise in marketing. I had forgotten what it was like entering into the vaping way and didn’t really think about what might be a block to smokers switching to vaping instead.

A case in point that drove this point home was my sister and her husband. Together they spend $400 a week easy on cigarettes. That’s not far from what I pay each week on rent. That’s a lot of money to spend on cigarettes. They both recently tried to go cold turkey and did well to last a couple of months.

They both hated my vape set-up. My little Berserker RTA sitting on a dual battery mod. I go through less than 5mls of juice a day and batteries last for four days before replacing and recharging. I don’t consider my set up as particularly strong but her experience of trying my vape put her off the idea. My set up was too heavy and too complicated.

At a wedding she recently attended the spot the smokers went smelt more like a patisserie rather than an ashtray and the vapers there were mostly vaping on pods.

There’s the rub right there…..

She wanted to give that a go. I did some research & shopping for her. Set her up with a Mipod, some juice with menthol/tobacco flavouring. There was no need to buy spare batteries, chargers or atomisers. The kit came with spare cartridges I bought a couple more extra. I gave her the speech about nicotine laws showed her where to order some from. I did a naughty thing and gave her some of mine.

In the middle of writing this I received a text message from her. I called her thinking she was having an issue but nope…. She just wanted to tell me all was good and that… she’s feeling a lot better. No heaviness in the chest, breathing better and still hasn’t had a ciggy despite the temptation around. Her husband is adopting a wait and see attitude and is still smoking.

It hasn’t been a week yet but she loves the convenience of the pod, the blingy golden Mipod design suited her perfectly. She’s already ahead financially and all early indications look promising. She even told me she’s amazed how easy it was and hasn’t thought about having a cigarette.., no cravings!

She opened my eyes to the potential of the pod systems. Cheers, Denise Golino!

If anything...while I so desperately want to sing out….C’mon smokers! No excuses now! My own view of pod vapes has been humbling. Out of all the people I want to reach out to and steer them away from tobacco harm was my sister….her husband will hopefully give it a go soon.


...and now I ponder with how do I start thinking of smokers as part of a family that needs a pod in their life.

Pods are definitely something I would encourage.

Cheers folks!

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