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Types of Vaping

Types of Vaping


While choosing a vape kit or e-cigarette, you may come across the terms MTL or DTL. These terminologies define the different vaping styles used by vapers and it’s worth familiarizing yourself with these terms so you can choose the best suited vaping style for yourself.

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Vaping

Mouth to lung vaping is where you inhale the vapors of e-cigarette into your mouth first and then into your lungs in a second motion. Compared to the DTL vapes, this type tends to have more restricted airflow and lower vapor production, thus requires less power. The liquid in the tank is vaporized at a cooler temperature producing a subtle amount of vapor. 

MTL is generally recommended to beginners transitioning off the cigarettes as it resembles how most people smoke a cigarette, thereby helps ease the transition from smoking to vaping. This style is also great as it provides you with the same cigarette-ritual experience; that hand-to-mouth action, the tight draw and the throat hit. Besides, these vapes tend to be far more compact, portable, and power-efficient. 

Direct-to-Lung (DTL) Vaping

Direct to Lung, or otherwise known as ‘sub ohm’, is where you pull vapor from your mouthpiece directly into your lungs. DTL vapes tend to have looser airflow and a higher rate of vapor production, compared to MTL vapes.

This style of vaping is usually favored by more experienced vapers as the vapor produced by these vaping devices tends to be denser, thus can be a little overwhelming for newbies – because unlike mouth to lung vaping, this isn't generally how you would inhale smoke from a cigarette. But the fact that direct to lung vaping produces thicker clouds and warmer vapor cannot be undermined. However, compared to MTL vapes, DTL vapes tend to be somewhat large.

MTL vs. DTL vaping: Which ones for you?

Now that we have discussed the two styles of vaping, you would be in a better position to decide for yourself.

Are you enticed by the portable, lightweight, and similar-to-cigarettes vaporing experience? The vapor production isn’t ‘The Best’, but the other perks can’t be beaten.


Has the Direct to Lung vape caught your attention? These vapes are generally larger, but if the massive clouds are what you are looking for, the portability inconvenience won’t be a problem for you.

So, we will leave you right here with all the relevant information you needed. It’s really your final call to make!



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