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What is vaping and how it works?

What is vaping and how it works?

Making the switch to e-cigarettes but have no idea where to start it from? Well, don’t worry you’re not alone in this journey. Team House of Vape has sorted everything out for you. Continue reading and see for yourself how vaping works.

First things first: the vaping vocabulary

If you’re not a vape nerd, chances are you might be struggling to understand many unfamiliar vape jargons. We have listed all these terminologies you should know before starting off your vape journey:

Vaping: Vaping is the act of inhaling vapors produced by your vape (e-cigarette).

Starter kits: Starter kits are the vaping devices that new adopter will begin their vaping journey with. These are nice, hassle-free, and easy-to-use bits of kits. You just add in some of your favorite e-liquid, and off you go.

E-liquid: E-liquid, also widely known as e-juice, vape juice, smoke juice, or flavor, is the liquid you put in your vaping device, which then gets atomized (turned into vapors).

E-liquid generally contains three ingredients; propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and nicotine along with small amount of flavorings. (Please note that due to current Australian laws we do not manufacture and sell any e-liquids that contain nicotine.)

Tank: The tank is a storage container that holds the e-liquid.

Atomizer, coil, and wick: An atomizer – located within the tank – houses the heating coil and wick and is responsible for vaporizing e-liquid.  

Wick carries the e-liquid from the tank to the coil to be heated.

Battery: Battery is the powerhouse behind the e-cigarette: it provides the power to heat and vaporize the e-liquid. Rechargeable batteries are typically charged via USB wires.

Mods: Mods can be very similar to the starter kits but provide a lot more features; adjustable wattage, adjustable voltage, bigger battery capacity, and temperature control feature. Mods are ideal for vapers who are more enthusiastic about their vaping experience.

Getting started:

Priming the coil:

Coil priming entails soaking your coil with e-liquid when you're about to install a new coil. To prime the coil, simply drop 5-7 drops of e-liquid directly into the top of the coil. Reinstall your coil, reassemble your tank, and fill it to the top and let it soak into the cotton for 10-15 minutes before usage.

What happens if I don’t prime my coil properly?

If you fire a coil before it is primed properly, the wick will burn instantly. Once your wick gets burnt, it will always taste burnt, thus would become unusable.

How to vape: 

Before you start off your vaping, make sure that your coil is primed properly. Start inhaling and hold the fire button until you have completed your drag, and then let go of the fire button. Otherwise, if you continue holding the button, chances are your coil will burn out prematurely.

Still need help?

We understand that a lot of terminologies and vape-related practices can be very alien to beginners. If you have trouble vaping or need some extra guidance, please feel free to contact us.

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