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Uwell Caliburn Vape Pen Models

While e juices are one of our key offerings, we have all things vape including hardware, pods, tanks, coils, and vape pens. One vape pen line we are excited to share about is the Uwell Caliburn. The Caliburn comes in a variety of models, and we have a wide selection of these models to choose from. Products include the G2 pod kit, A2 pod kit, G 15W pod kit, and the Aeglos P1 Pod Mod Kit 80W. All of the Caliburn vape pens come in an assortment of colours including shades of blue, red, green, grey, and black.  The Uwell Caliburn models vary in price, from $31.95 to $43.95. Below you can find a brief summary of each model and its features. 

G2 Pod Kit

The G2 pod kit has a 750mAh internal battery, with a 2ml capacity. G2 not only supports direct and button draw but has compatible coils and haptic feedback. With a progressive airflow, it exuberates flavour and taste. Designed strategically for hand and lip comfort, the G2 vape pen is very pleasurable and enjoyable to use. Composed of aluminium alloy, it feels great to the touch. The G2 pod kit comes in carbon black, pyrrole scarlet, shading grey, gradient, ultramarine blue, and cobalt green. It costs $43.95 in all colours.

A2 Pod Kit

The A2 pod kit uses Caliburn’s PRO-FOCS state of the art technology, allowing customers to truly experience flavour in a whole new dimension. This focus on quality has led the Uwell Caliburn line to be one of the most popular products in its category. The A2 model supports direct and button draw. A2 was additionally designed for the most enjoyable customer experience with respect to lip fitting and a comfortable grip. Like the G2 pod kit, A2 was engineered with an aluminium alloy design. It offers Type-C fast charging and has anti-leaking technologies. The A2 pod kit’s colour options include black, grey, green, blue, orange, and purple. All A2 models go for $31.95.

The G 15W Pod Kit

The G 15W pod kit was designed to be a compact, and easy to use system. It includes a 690mAh battery and has a 15W output. It has two distinct airflows, both MTL and DTL, with a 2ml capacity. Like all of the Caliburn models, it features a top fill system for convenience. It uses the Caliburn G Coil series. Like the G2 and A2, the G 15w model supports direct and button draw. G 15W comes in the following colours: rosy brown, blue, red, grey, black, and green. The pod kit costs $39.95 in all varieties. 

Aeglos P1 Pod Model Kit 80W

The Aeglos P1 Pod Model Kit 80W uses Caliburn’s exclusive PRO-FOCUS system and has an upgraded 4ml capacity. The P1 80W was designed with a full day in mind. It uses a High Amp 18650 battery, which has to be purchased separately. Similar to the A2, the P1 80W has Type-C fast charging. It has an adjustable airflow system, lip fitting, and a comfortable grip for the best possible customer experience. The colours the P1 Pod Model Kit 80W comes in are wine red, dark blue, olive green, saddle tan, and reddish brown. Every P1 80W model is priced at $59.95. 

The Bottom Line

While we offer multiple brands of hardware, Uwell is extremely popular, and we are thrilled to carry its Caliburn line. The Caliburn line is dedicated to providing value to its users and is of very high quality. With exclusive technologies to enhance flavour and product usage, the Caliburn models are some of the best vape pens we have to offer. There is a Caliburn for every user, and we invite you to try one today.

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