Copper Head

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Basking in the dappled shade next to the riverbank, normally docile, but ready to bite if cornered or provoked, the Aussie Copperhead defies the logic of many snakes. A great swimmer, it is also active for much longer periods than many other snakes and even hunts at night if it's a warm one.

Antidote Copperhead, however is a different kettle of fish. A bold creamy dessert cheesecake. Designed to invade the whole palate, Copperhead is lashings of a rich double cream cheesecake, with a hint of Graham Cookie lurking under a vanilla custard. Like its namesake however it goes the distance, it's not in yer face spitting and hissing, but a calm rich presence packed full of character.

Once bitten by this Copperhead, you will find yourself seeking it out rather than running from it!

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