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The Death Adder is the master of mystery and camouflage. Rather than actively hunt like other snakes, it lies in wait, often hidden, curled up, ready for action under a covering of leaves or debris. It will even use its thin supple tail as bait for any passing rodent or small bird, wiggling it near its devastatingly quick mouth. Possessing the fastest strike of any snake it is the ultimate ambush predator.

Antidote Industries Death Adder e-liquid is very much like its namesake.

Potent, yet mysterious, not revealing itself until challenged, then striking at your taste buds. Other e-liquids are fluffy little kittens compared to this one. Death Adder is dark and surprising, an ominous mix of sweet nature and mellow richness encircling a heart that is stone and predatory. Like the Death Adder itself, it hides its true nature ... Is it slightly bitter? Is it silky richness? Or is it sweet like the fruits of a native bee's labours? Maybe its all of the above and as complex as the reptile, it is named for.

Like the coiled Death Adder, you will have to venture "Oh So Close" before you experience the truth.

Antidote Death Adder is a deep dark secret hiding in the undergrowth...

Can you face the unknown without flinching?

Will you survive the encounter?

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