Red Belly

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Out of the rich desert of the shimmering Australian Outback slinks the Red Belly. Poking its head out thru the spinifex a drop of venom shines on the exposed fang as it yawns.

You meet one of these buggers, you are going to need an Antidote!

Aussie Snake Venom is incredibly complex, its what makes it one of the most toxic in the world... And Antidote E-liquid Red Belly is just the same complexity.

In this case, its a deliciously wicked Vanilla Custard infused with the ripeness of fresh field strawberries, inhaling it also brings you a biscuit base and a mouthfeel of moreish marshmallow.

So a rich strawberry custard with secret doughy notes, marshmallow, crust and meringue... It's that good you are gonna want a Red Belly to strike, just so you can take the Antidote!

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