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Of all the snakes in Australia, the one most feared is the Taipan.

The Inland Taipan is considered the worlds most venomous snake and its cousin, the Coastal Taipan, is Australia's largest venomous reptile. However, these babies are relatively rarely encountered and are shy in nature preferring to slink off quietly, but will strike if cornered. Before antivenin, if one of these tagged you, it is most likely you will die within the hour untreated.

Antidote Industries Taipan E-liquid speaks more to the character of its namesake than the lethality. It is a rich lazy doughnut baking on a rock in the warmth of the outback sun. Instead of sunlight flickering off a myriad of scales, we have a light dusting of cinnamon glinting and tantalising, rising lazily like the dust in a light breeze. Rich creamy notes radiate upwards, like heat ripples in the desert/desert landscape!

Once bitten by Taipan E-liquid you will be turning over every rock to find some more.

If doughnut Dessert vapes are your bag, this shot of venomous pastry will knock you on your arse... in the nicest of ways.

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