White Lip

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The White Lip Snake is the little cutie of the bunch!

It is a small retiring little fella and, while venomous, its bite is usually just painful for a bit and not usually life-threatening. It's an active little fella however and feeds mainly on Skinks and their eggs.

Antidotes White Lip E-Liquid, like its namesake, is inoffensive and a little bit playful too!

A breakfast mix of fruit loops, dominated by raspberry and strawberry infusions in a rich milky base. It's likely to remind you of those milk moustaches you had as a kid.

Don’t be surprised if you wipe your upper lip as a reflex after vaping this.

No Antidote is required if you are bitten by this little fella, but if you are, then Antidote E-liquid White Lip is happy to provide!

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